The term ‘cosmetic dentistry’ refers to ways of restructuring teeth to the same shape, size, structure and colour as those of natural teeth. To put it simply, dental work should be indistinguishable from natural teeth by looking like a live tooth and fitting beautifully in your mouth. All dentists who refer to their work as being cosmetic must have a vast amount of knowledge, experience and perception for beauty and harmony. Using cosmetic dentistry techniques, we can give you a dazzling smile

Aesthetic dentistryAt IG Dental Clinic, you, the customer, come first. We know that everyone wants to have a beautiful and natural smile, healthy teeth and gums, and nice breath. That is why our dentists do not separate cosmetic dentistry from their daily practice – instead, they use cosmetic techniques in every procedure they perform.

At IG Dental Clinic, we use fully ceramic structures, veneers, whitening and other methods for cosmetic dentistry purposes. Sometimes, all that is needed is a small correction to massively transform your appearance. Prior to any correction, we will first show you a visual example, and after the work has been done, you will have the smile you have always wanted.

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