Endondontics (root canal therapy) is a field of dentistry that deals with the treatment of dental pulp and the surrounding tissues. Inside each tooth, there is a space filled with blood vessels, nerves, etc.

A failure to treat dental caries results in damage to this space. Contemporary and quality root treatment is not based just on the proper preparation, disinfection and filling of root canals. This would be impossible without the necessary equipment, qualifications and materials. We, at IG Dental, strive to provide you with the optimal treatment, which is why we use modern equipment and quality materials and constantly update our knowledge by attending postgraduate courses. Proper root treatment makes extracting the diseased tooth unnecessary. This eliminates the need for complicated prosthetic structures and surgical procedures. Or to put it another way, if the root treatment has been done properly, it will not be necessary to insert an implant or file down the adjacent teeth to make a bridge structure. Root treatment is essentially a mechanical and chemical processing of the pulp chamber and the root canals. During the treatment, it is important to remove all microorganisms and damaging agents. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the root canal treatment if the initial procedure has not been done properly. We can offer this thanks to the high level of professionalism of our specialists and the modern equipment in our offices.

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