Bonding is a procedure where the shape, size or colour of a tooth or a group of teeth is changed in order to improve aesthetics and function. Such imperfections are often caused by gaps between teeth (tremae and diastemata), chipped teeth, discolouration, etc.

The bonding method uses dental composites, which are layered in order to recreate the colour properties of natural teeth.

Essentially, bonding is the aesthetic restoration of a tooth. In bonding, it is generally unnecessary to remove dental tissues, and if after all there is a need for such a correction, the intervention by our dentists is minimal. The entire procedure is performed in one visit to our dental clinic. Another plus of bonding is the possibility to make changes at every stage of the treatment.

Bonding constitutes the creation of a photopolymer veneer. Modern materials allow the use of this type of technique in an increasing number of cases. The benefits of bonding over ceramic veneers and other types of inlays are lower prices and fewer visits. Its durability is not so great – around 10 years.

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