Dental caries is an infectious disease that affects all of us. It has a multifactor origin. This means there isn’t a single reason, whose elimination would preclude its occurrence. It begins to develop in the enamel and can extend deep into the dentine. Depending on its stage of development, caries is divided into four categories: stain, surface, medium and deep. Deep caries can progress into the inflammation of the pulp, which is the subject of endodontology.

Cariesology is the area of dentistry that deals with the prevention and treatment of dental caries. Good results are achieved through a two-way process – the use of quality materials by our highly-qualified professionals and the diligent performance of oral hygiene routines by you. These combined efforts will definitely produce excellent results.

It is important to note that the early treatment of caries lesions, good oral hygiene and preventive procedures lead to good oral health. The timely treatment of caries significantly reduces instances of tooth loss.

At IG Dental, we work with the most modern equipment and materials, which help to eliminate caries lesions in a timely manner, because healthy teeth and gums are no less important factors for an attractive smile than tooth shape and colour.

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