Prosthetics is a field of dentistry dealing with repairs to flaws in individual teeth or rows of teeth. The structures are made with a view to restoring the chewing function and the aesthetics and shape of the masticatory system.

We, at IG Dental Clinic, will choose the structure which is just right for your individual needs. Our dentists can show you a model of how your smile would look in the future, and only after you are happy with every last detail, will we start working towards the realisation of your dream. Our dentists fit your prosthetic structures by the rule book of dental occlusion, function and aesthetics, while the prices for these services are among the lowest on the market. We know that time is precious for all of us. That is why, at our dental clinic, the periods for production of the final dental structures are as short as possible – 6 business days.

Many damaged teeth or those that have undergone endodontic or other treatment often have to be fitted with crowns. A crown is an accurate copy of the tooth in terms of shape and colour that is placed in the appropriate location. Modern materials allow minimal filing of natural teeth.
A missing tooth has to be reconstructed in order to avoid the occurrence of problems in the bite and dentition of the remaining teeth. There are two methods of repairing this defect: implant placement or bridge construction. Bridges are constructed by filing down the teeth that are adjacent to the missing one. The adjacent teeth act as a support of the bridge. The materials used to create crowns and bridges are numerous, but the main and most modern ones we use in our practice are cermet, pressable ceramics and a zirconium base for a ceramic structure.

Cermet can be used to make single crowns and small and large bridge structures. This material combines the strength and durability of metal and the perfect aesthetic properties of ceramics. Cermet structures have a thin framework made of metal. The ceramic material is layered on top of this framework. This is where the name cermet comes from.

Crowns and bridges of pressable ceramics are the most aesthetically pleasing structures that can be made in current dental practice. They fully replicate the natural properties of teeth, such as colour, transparency, translucence, etc. Pressable ceramic structures have no metal framework, which is what gives them their high aesthetic properties. Pressable ceramics is also the material of choice for people who suffer from allergies to metal. This material can be used to make single crowns and small bridge structures, because it is not as strong as cermet.

Zirconium crowns combine the qualities of cermet and pressable ceramics. They have a framework made of zirconium. The ceramic material is layered over this framework. Zirconium structures have a similar strength to those made of cermet and their aesthetic properties come close to those of pressable ceramics. This means that this type of inlays have a wide range of applications. Zirconium can be used to make single crowns and small and large bridge structures that have extremely high aesthetic qualities. You may contact us for advice on the price of cermet.