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The science of periodontology, which is a branch of dentistry, studies the periodontium – its structure, function, the diseases that affect it, etc. The word’s components literally translate as ‘around’ (perio) and ‘tooth’ (dontium). The main aim of periodontology is to take steps to retain your own teeth and avoid complicated surgical procedures. Periodontology is […]

Laser dentistry

Dentistry is one of the fastest developing medical fields. Lasers are used in our everyday practice for good reason. On the one hand, they ensure that the patient is calm and in no pain while treated, and on the other, they represent the most modern technology available to dentists, helping them do a precise and […]


Bonding is a procedure where the shape, size or colour of a tooth or a group of teeth is changed in order to improve aesthetics and function. Such imperfections are often caused by gaps between teeth (tremae and diastemata), chipped teeth, discolouration, etc.

Teeth Whitening

The term ‘teeth whitening’ refers to changing the colour intensity (saturation) of teeth to their original condition. The procedure is widely used in dental practice, because rigorous studies show that a white, beautiful smile is one of the most important aspects of personal appearance.